Leadership offsites

Extended retreats

If your leadership team is ready to clarify or recalibrate your organization’s Mission, Core Values, 5 Year Vision and Roadmap, Lois will guide your group through her systematic framework over the course of three to four intensive days. You’ll leave with each of those pieces articulated in a way that reflects your company culture as well as a tailored plan for ongoing accountability & support.

1 day workshops

If you’re bringing a group of directors, top producers or entrepreneurs together, Lois will guide them through a full-day process to clarify their own Mission, Core Values and 3-5 Year Vision at an individual level. For those who want to dive even deeper, Lois’s online courses offer them the tools to refine their Vision and create a Roadmap aligned with their long-term priorities.

This was the right forum for us to have a very open discussion with our whole team on where we see the organization going.  We had been trying to figure out how to communicate our targets and goals and get everyone on the same page through various meetings and sessions, and with this process it just automatically fell into place.
— Pravin Borade, Senior Vice President of Searce



Lois has spoken from the main stage as a keynote speaker for global conventions, national summits and more. Rather than just inspiring the crowd she engages them with themes that include the top 5 issues that hold people back from clarity, proactive vs. reactive decision-making, the variables involved in creating sustainable change and the 4 Key Components of an effective Vision. She also speaks about creating Visionary cultures in the workplace and how clarity can help solve the equation for increased sales.

Seminars (1 hour)

Does your business or organization offer professional development for leadership or team members?  Bring Lois in to help spark new ideas through an overview on how a clear Vision can help them excel both professionally and personally. (Can also be offered virtually.)

Seminars & Breakout Sessions (2 hours)

If you’re interested in a more interactive experience, Lois will work closely with you to customize her presentation for your group.  Through this extended seminar she’ll flesh out concepts even more and include 30 minutes of Q&A so your team or audience can benefit further from her expertise. (Can also be offered virtually.)


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