Online Courses

Sustainable growth is rooted in clear Vision, strategic sales and a culture of alignment. My online courses address each of these areas through self-paced programs.




Accelerate Your Vision

This three level program guides you through my proven process to Clarify, Refine and Align your long-term Vision for all aspects of your life, including personal, professional, financial, spiritual and relational growth.



Simplify Your Sales

Are you getting too many “maybes”, losing prospects on price or stuck feeling “sales-y”? Leave this seminar with a straightforward sales process you can tailor to your own business so you can start talking to the right prospects at the right times and bringing on clients that close themselves.


Align Your Team

Shared Vision and strong alignment go hand in hand.  But how do you create that Visionary culture within your organization?  Through this seminar you’ll learn methods for recruiting, selecting, retaining and developing team members who align more effectively with you and each other