Pop Up Workshops for Organizations

Looking to build more alignment amongst your team? Here are the details on bringing the Clarify Your Vision workshop to your organization.


You can have up to 15 participants. This ensures I have plenty of individual time with each person who attends. Some organizations bring together leadership team members, others gather top performers or rising stars, and some have a mix of veterans and newbies.


This is a 9 hour workshop and I recommend starting at 8am and wrapping up at 5pm.


I’ve led this workshop all around the world, so whether you’re right here in San Diego or in another hemisphere, we can make it happen!


We can do this workshop wherever you like. If you would like to keep this workshop onsite a conference room is great, and if you would rather bring in the workshop as part of a retreat, I can meet you at your offsite location. I’ve done this workshop in everything from hotels to beach homes so ss long as there’s enough room for everyone to be comfortable, we’re good to go. (A projector or smart TV is helpful but not necessary).


You can have everyone bring lunch and snacks to share or order in from a favorite restaurant or catering company. (Just make sure you also bring a bag of fun size candy bars. Chocolate is a key ingredient for Visioning.)


All we’ll need is 2 flip charts with sticky pages and a magic marker for everyone attending. I’ll bring the Clarify Your Vision Workbooks and my favorite Visioning pens for all of you.


The workshop fee is a flat rate which includes my transportation, accommodation and per diem. I encourage each attendee to invest in themselves, and some organizations utilize a registration fee to offset the full cost of the workshop. Others split or otherwise subsidize each participant’s registration and some cover the full investment at the organizational level.

Ready to dive in? Here’s what to do next.

_MM & VW Round 2 (34).png

The Visioning process begins with a group discussion based on what I call ‘An Introduction to Visioning’ -a seminar, webinar or short set of videos and exercises that explore The top 5 Issues that hold people back from clarity, the key difference between Mission and Vision, the shift from proactive to reactive decision-making, the variables involved in sustainable change, the four components of an effective Vision and the three levels of the Visioning process.

I’ve found the best way to build interest within your organization is to let everyone experience the first step in the Visioning process for themselves, in the form of a lunch n’ learn or seminar, a webinar or a short set of videos that team members can watch on their own. From there you’ll be able to gauge interest in bringing in the full-day workshop for those who want to continue the process. You can click the button below for resources like downloadable one-pagers you can share with your team about An Introduction to Visioning and the Clarify Your Vision workshop.

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Once you’ve determined interest in the full-day workshop, it’s time to a pick a date that works best for the attendees. You can check out my calendar to see real-time availability and then communicate with your team to see what works best. I recommend hosting these workshops on Fridays or Saturdays, so those are the available days I’ve shown, but if the best time for your organization is a different day of the week just let me know and we’ll plan accordingly.

If your group is more than 2 hours outside of downtown San Diego, please look at the availability starting one month out from today to ensure I can make arrangements to leave town and book airfare, accommodation etc.

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Once you’ve landed on the best date for your team, the last step is securing it with your deposit. We’ll confirm all of the logistics, talk much more about your organization so I can tailor the workshop and stay in close contact leading up to your date.

If you’d like to learn more about this workshop and if it may be valuable for your organization, I’d love to talk. Just book a time below.