Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Clarify your destination and chart the course to get there.


Lois Weinblatt is an international Visioning expert and works with visionary entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations around the world.


What is visioning?

A Vision is your definition of success at a specific point in the future. For individuals, that might mean figuring out what you don’t want, as much as figuring out what you want. For organizations, that might mean aligning your team around where the company is headed. No matter your reasons for needing a Vision, I can help you get clarity on where you want to go.



I founded True North Visionaries to help individuals and organizations clarify their destination, chart the course and navigate their success proactively. Based in San Diego, I work with clients worldwide.


Who I work with

I offer workshops for individuals, groups and companies. For one-on-one guidance, you can choose to work with me in person, over video chat, or take one of my self-paced online courses.