What are people saying about the True North Visioning process?

Jason Vance

President, BubbleUP Marketing Corp.

“Lois is one of the best facilitators I have ever worked with. She is articulate, passionate, and focused to ensure clients produce a vision that is unique to them, and one that they can implement and track. Her visioning process is thorough and brings clarity to both personal and professional contexts. It was a joy not only participating in the workshop, but also watching Lois work and seeing a true visioning expert walk out their life's purpose.”

Elyse Wilson, CFE

COO, Medical Financial Services, Inc.

“If I had only one word to describe my experiences with Lois, I would use "transformative." I found myself at a professional crossroads and in need of formative plan. Lois and I worked together for 24 intense hours. Understanding the "who," "how" and "why" of my journey to that point helped clarify where I did and perhaps, more importantly, where I did not want to go next.

With Lois's guidance, I created my first authentic, memorialized, "vision." It has been just over a year since I completed my first 5 year vision. I have already achieved some of the most significant milestones that I once thought to be just dreams. My trajectory completely changed at the conclusion of that process because I became empowered to know what is an opportunity and what is just a distraction disguised as one. Working with Lois is something you can't afford NOT to do, both personally and professionally. 

Hardik Parekh

CEO, Searce

“We were able to share things we had long been wanting to share with the team through the process and now that we’re all aligned it will help infuse more positivity throughout the organization. “

Derrick Meyer

President, Digital Link

“Before meeting Lois, I had no idea what this concept of "visioning" was or what it would mean to me moving forward. Following a weekend of mental gymnastics, self discovery and guided focus, I had a new understanding of my direction. Being a business owner, I have never been one to "waste" time on conceptual thinking that had no immediate and measurable benefit to my direct work. Lois pointed out that until I knew the direction I wished to go, my efforts to get there were wasted.

I spent my days under Lois's guidance and expertise developing my own vision both in my business life and my personal life. I came away from my time with Lois ready to recommit to my business, my family and my goals. I had measurable outcomes, timelines, and a list of people willing to help me. Her energy, positivity and creativity helped my entire team. I cannot recommend Lois enough. If you have the opportunity to meet or work with Lois, you will see, as I did, how developing your vision and generating that clarity can be life changing.

Lee Drozak

Web Marketing Strategist & WordPress Designer

“When starting Clarify Your Vision online, I was a little skeptical that I would accomplish any results with a self-paced course. I was wrong. I discovered things I had in me that I didn’t know here there and rediscovered pieces of me that were put away for a good while. I highly recommend this course -it has truly helped me find my momentum again as I clarified my vision”

Benji Sawyer,

Co-Founder, Sawyer Solutions

“I've now done visioning twice with Lois. The first time was in a group setting and was my first foray into visioning. I went in more than a little skeptical, but she really was able to show me the value and power of visioning and how it can change my life. Now a few years down the road I've gone back and done the self-paced online course.

beneficial and I really can not recommend Lois highly enough. To say that this is a life-changing experience, if you let it, is trite, but oh so accurate.